To the future generation… you’re on my mind

mydesignI’m no longer outraged by Trump. Rather I’m consistently outraged and disillusioned with all those who continue to overlook, excuse, ignore, and enable all he is doing to undermine our republic. I’ve always been a political moderate, and I have voted for candidates and issues rather than parties….. until the hypercriticism, and outright lies that circulated over and over about President Obama, a man who best exemplified the Christian faith more than any other President in my lifetime. That resulted in a crisis of faith, and the deeper I grew in my faith during that time, the more my politics shifted. My goal became, and remains, to sift everything through the eyes of Jesus, the life he lived, and the example he set.

When candidate Trump was outed as a man who objectifies and excuses as well as touts his right to sexually assault women, when he mocked the disabled, when he revealed his distain for minorities, when he incited hate at his rallies, when he attacked and lied about people when they hurt his fragile ego, and villainized anyone who disagreed with him, I could never have conceived our country would one day be run by this mad man. But here we are.

I have never been tribal about politics until the ascension of Donald Trump, and I shall continue to speak out against what I believe to be exclusionary, mean-spirited, demeaning policies and the blatant lies he continually feeds the American people. I’ll stand up to his threats against the press. I’ll stand up to his attempt to treat groups as second class citizens. My distrust of this President does not have anything to do with him being a Republican. It’s because he calls climate change a hoax that I speak. It’s because he threatened to make all Muslims register with the government that I speak. It’s because he wants to allow discriminatory practices against the LGTBQ community that I speak. It’s because he seemingly cares nothing for the Native Americans that I speak. It’s because he criminalizes Mexican immigrants, legal or otherwise, that I speak. It’s because he marginalizes African-Americans that I speak. And it’s because he mocks the very ideals that the God of love holds dear. If that makes me tribal, so be it. This has never been about left and right. This is about human decency and Trump’s appalling lack of it.

Sitting in an immigration court room last week witnessing the havic he’s wrecked in one small corner of our society was disheartening enough. Now with the firing of Comey, and everything in between, I’ve never been more suspect of the future of our country. We’ve become one of ‘them,’ one of those countries. SMH. And for that, I want to say to the next generation I’m so sorry we have failed you, nevertheless many of us will work like there’s no tomorrow to reclaim the future for each and everyone of you. Peace.

Hidden Clues In The Trump-Comey Drama: It’s Worse Than You Think


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  1. pltk says:

    Yes and yes!

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