My parents are headed to West Point!

After a very challenging year, this morning my parents headed out on their first long road trip. They are going to see their grandson graduate from the military academy. My brother graduated from the Air Force Academy and now his son is graduating from West Point. Like father, like son. I understand my nephew’s first assignment will take him to Hawaii. Well played Britton! Oh, and he speaks fluent Farsi and Arabic, and I have heard one other, but I’m not sure what that one is.

I’m so grateful to my sister-in-law, and her daughter in law for ‘going along for the ride.’ Well, they are doing much more than that. Without them this trip would not even be possible for my parents, as a lot goes into a trip like this that is above and beyond for a paraplegic. This past year we have become acutely aware of the meaning of ‘accessible,’ or the lack of accessibility. In planning this trip we have found that hotel rooms are not fully accessible even if labeled as such. Most hotel beds are now on platforms. When a person requires a lift, it needs to be able to go under the bed. So, I’ve written to Hilton, and Marriott, and Hampton Inn, etc. 🙂

I hope and pray all goes well and they have the best time, because they have another long road trip to take the end of July, for a wedding.


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