A few thoughts, the day after…

Coming down off a high from weeks of wedding planning, followed by a wonderful rehearsal dinner, to the actual wedding yesterday (7.29.17). I loved every moment. Thank you Alli, for giving the best maid of honor speech. It was beautiful, and totally captured the essence of what we were gathered to honor. Our hearts are truly all knitted together to now include a whole group of Californians! Jane, Larry, Cassidy, we love you guys. Thank you to all our family for making the journey to share this moment in time with us. Family is what it’s all about! I want to give a special thanks to my Mom and Dad, as they overcame many obstacles to be there. Wonderful memories were made this weekend.


To Sheree, thank you for your labor of love, what a beautiful hand beaded veil. To Jim, Sheree, Becky and John, we are indebted to you for giving of yourselves to make the trip, and then working under a time crunch deadline to take a load off our shoulders. I hope your literal shoulders have recuperated Jim! We would have been dead in the water without you guys. That’s a true friend.


To Alli, Samuel & Sarah, thank you for all your help, advice, spirit, and love. To Ariana and Conner, thank you for making your wedding day something extremely special by putting your stamp on it through your words, your humor, and your choices in the little details of the day.


Thank you all! We don’t have the words to adequately express our gratitude to each and everyone who showered Ariana & Conner with tremendous love. What a special day and truly magical night.


We are now a family of 7.



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