Father of the bride


Photo by Nichole Haun Photography

I’m not going to lie… sometimes he drives me crazy (he doesn’t have far to drive), BUT he always makes me proud to have him in my life. No more so than when our daughter got married a little over a week ago. I don’t know how he got through his speech without crying. Maybe the precursor ‘father of the groom’ speech 2 years ago got him over that hump. I won’t share that video here, but I will share this:

“Good evening! First of all, Let me say, I learned from my speech at my son’s rehearsal dinner, I need to have my speech in front of me in large print, double-spaced. I may be able to speak on the fly in the courtroom, but this my friends, is no courtroom. It’s my life’s investment. On behalf of the Smith family, the Bride and Groom, and the Kennedy family, I would like to thank each and every one of you for being here this evening to celebrate with us, and for the love you have shown this special couple.


27 years ago I could not have predicted the range of emotions I feel today. The love and the beauty that is packed into a journey like this is overwhelming at times. As the father of the bride, it was sometimes hard not to go all Steve Martin, and freak out a bit. I’m happy to say I’ve been pretty cool about all the wedding planning, except for speaking incoherently at times.


Over the past 7 years though, we have come to love and appreciate Conner. For Ann, it was pretty instant, as she has a sixth sense for reading our kids, she new Ariana was pretty smitten, and sensed it was mutual. For me, skepticism sometimes rules the day. Even though I immediately liked Conner, he did have some work to do.


Well, the verdict has been in for some time, and these two are perfect for one another in so many ways. Conner is great yin for Ariana’s yang, their sense of humor is unmatched, and Conner is simply an extraordinary complement to our family. He makes us better people for having him in our lives.


We are so excited to see where life takes these two. One thing we know for sure, it will be a fun adventure along the way. Their compassion to make the world a better place, and their desire to leave a wide trail of God’s love along their journey, is an inspiration. We are extremely happy and proud of this dearly beloved bride and groom. Here’s to a life that will I know will be well lived. We love you, Ariana and Conner!”

He killed it on the dance floor for the father-daughter dance too!





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