A well-kept secret….

Seriouslys-160, NO ONE ever said a word to me about the soulful, wistfulness, and sometimes utter sadness that accompanies the empty nest. When you have a baby, there’s a lot said, and asked, about postpartum depression, but, at least for me, I never heard a word about ‘postdepartum’ depression. I just made that word up. It’s depression after they depart… get it?! 🙂 It’s not where I live day in and day out, yet sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the soulfulness of it all that I feel a huge screaming sense of, ‘where did time go?!’

So much love for these amazing humans. The girls are near-ish, which I’m so grateful for. The one in the middle, that guy, he’s lived far for 7 years. ((Wow)) Praying hard one day he won’t be quite so far away.




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