Love is the only thing that matters. Period.

We’ve been watching #QueerEye on #Netflix! And wow! The #Fab5 could teach a thing or two about love to so many Christians. Including me. Watch it, and start with season 2 episode 1 and a box of tissues. With all the negativity swarming our culture over the past two years, this show is a strong breath of hope. It’s truly all about love.

If everyone who calls themselves Christian, woke up tomorrow to the realization that love is the only thing that matters. Period. The world overnight would be a completely different place, in the most amazing and beautiful way.

That is ^ my constant prayer. I had always assumed we would leave a world to our children that was a better version than the one we grew up in. The past two years all but extinguished that hope. Still, there are little seeds of hope planted in my head, often from small, even strange events and situations, that make my heart soar. This show is one of them. Another one, the one that introduced me to this show, was spending a staycation with all our kids at home under our roof for an entire week. There is nothing like spending time with stellar, interesting, compassionate, loving millennials (and yes, we did determine they are all millennials… by a hair) to make me realize the world is going to be ok. They may have their work cut out for them, but they are clearly up to the task.

Ultimately love awakens love. Love ends suspicion of the ‘other.’ Love ends superiority and ushers in humility. Love ends inferiority as only love can do. Love awakens love, which awakens love, which awakens love. Love changes life’s trajectory. Jesus set the example by prioritizing people over his own religion, customs, and traditions. And he is God. How much more should we have the same priorities? We must show love, well, actually be love, above all else. By doing/being that, we acknowledge people are more important than the law. Every face bears the image of God. That is really hard to accept at times. When we start thinking ‘others’ need Jesus more than we do, we begin to dehumanize. Think about your own children and your relationship with them. Hopefully it is one of unconditional love. Great parents will break their own rules when appropriate. God is a perfect parent. Connect the dots. Love absolutely is the only thing that matters. Period.

I believe this next generation will change the world.

Meet my tribe. Some of the next generation world changers. I love these people. Period.




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