When the baby of the family turns 25

You would think that when your baby turns 25, you would finally be able to admit that you have gotten a wee bit older! I do admit it, I do! I mean, after all, Samuel Nehemiah Smith, III is one-quarter of one century old as of 9:09 am EST this August 19, 2018, and he’s the baby.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BUBBA! We love you so very much! ‘They’ say at 25 a brain is fully developed, so there’s that. You may now rent a car all by yourself! Other things you may do at 25, graduate from Law School & begin your first ‘real’ job! Things you have been doing for 25 years…. you have been a wonderful friend to many, a caring brother, a loving son, a compassionate human being. You have had some spectacular accomplishments in life. You are a wonderful husband to your beautiful wife, Sarah. You have a sweet sensitive soul. You are also a lover of history, Doctor Who, soccer, board games, hikes in the mountains, and those Jesus referred to as ‘the least of these.’ You live out your love for the world. We live out our love for you. So…..

We wish for you the happiest of birthdays! Celebrate 25 well! Love, Mom & Dad



Celebrating 24 with you just last year! 


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