Advocating for the vulnerable

I about wore myself out last Friday walking 🚶🏼‍♀️ over 15,000 steps through the halls of Congress advocating for the immigrant and the refugee with The Justice Institute and World Relief. We had some very hopeful meetings. We won’t talk about the ones that weren’t. I am very grateful for all the hardworking public servants who work for us with heart. It is obvious when they do. Special thanks go to Senator Warner for providing sustenance from #Sabra. Apparently, they produce their hummus in Virginia and I’m a #hummusaddict.

As Christians, we approached our dialogue from the literal thought of #WWJD, or what would any compassionate country do? We advocated for family reunification, for opposition to amending the Flores agreement that would allow children to be detained indefinitely. We advocated to bring back Family Case Management which only costs on average $36/day versus private detention at $700/day. We stated the obvious, that kids 🧒 do not belong in jail and neither do adults seeking asylum. We also pushed for a standalone #DACA bill. These kids are more American than not, as they have been living here almost all their lives. For many, English is their first language. We emphatically stated and reminded them that refugees are the most strenuously vetted immigrants and asked them to support raising the ceiling to 75,000 refugees next year. To whom much is given much is expected. We cannot morally afford to be selfish.  We can be both pro-security AND pro-compassion, they are not mutually exclusive… and refugees benefit our economy. The decline in refugees is leaving those persecuted for their faith vulnerable. Advocacy is based on the justice of God to change an unjust situation. So let’s #justdoit.

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