A new year – 2019

A new year always presents so many new possibilities. It almost always starts out so hopeful…., but doesn’t always remain there. Anyway, here we go!

I like to start out looking back momentarily. It’s helpful to be reminded of the good…, and the bad. For me, it helps to reinforce gratitude. It just does. As I said in our #Christmascard addendum: Full disclosure, we’ve had a most wonderful year, but it has not been a year without challenges. We lost 2 dear friends to brutal cancer this year, they were much too young. There were many things that have tested our resolve, our peace, our sense of humour, but perspective always seemed to raise up wisdom in knowing so many have lived through and persevered forward through even greater challenges. Our prayer is to keep kindness and love front and center, to help usher in a viral movement, for the world to see there is a better way. God is love and love does win. We can be a team player toward that end.

We don’t know what the future holds. My dear friend celebrated Christmas a year ago with her entire family. This year they celebrated without her husband and the father of her children. So often you cannot anticipate life events like that. My parents have also had too many ‘extra’ health issues this year. It has not always been easy for them, to say the least. But they keep on ticking, and for that, we are so grateful. So I’m committing this year to find joy in the nooks and crannies of life, and living more in-the-moment. I’m also adopting my mother in law’s catchphrase in the last months of her life, ‘it’s all good.’ And while we’re at it let me throw in ‘don’t sweat the small stuff.’ I’m sure Richard Carlson was super happy he adopted that catchphrase in life especially since he was gone too soon.

So the Christmas holiday was a dream, and it ran into the New Year. The best way to begin. We were blessed to have the entire family together! It was not lost on us that for us to have everyone meant two families were sacrificing for that to happen. For that our hearts are filled with gratitude.

Christmas 2018 was the first time we were able to share a traditional family Christmas with our new family members, as two years ago we celebrated with them on Sam’s super 60 birthday cruise. We love our traditions and it was a thrill to share them. Some of our plans were in limbo due to illness, and others were very fluid, due to illness, but we had an amazing time together. What a blessing to serve and be served. And I’ll add, all those who were sick at any point were absolute troupers!

Two days before Christmas we celebrated with a few family and friends. We had a nontraditional Christmas eve dinner because we have an in-house pastry chef. Christmas morning was fun and cozy, and of course, we had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast! Our Christmas movie this year was On the Basis of Sex! One of the best choices of the past years IMHO. Go see it! We saw several other movies. BTW, Bird Box is not that scary. We played games. We drank coffee at home and in two of our favourite coffee shops where we played a game at one. We had lunch with the Coleman kids. We shot billiards. We went to #Zoolights. We bowled. We toured Monticello and Charlottesville. We visited National Harbor and saw an acrobatic show followed by a walk along the river in a deep fog. I may be in a deep fog about some details of our week, but we were together! To me, that’s the best gift of all. I know I probably say this too often, but I am so proud of all 5 of our kids. They are each amazing humans full of so much love and beauty. My partner and love of 38 years and counting make all of our lives more exciting and adventurous, we are blessed. For all of that and more, I am filled with gratitude as we begin this new year.

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