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Recalling Sandy Hook by Joshua DuBois

The White House is not supposed to be a place for brokenness. Sheer, shattered, brokenness. But that’s what we experienced on the weekend of December 14, 2012. I was sitting at my desk around midday on Friday the 14th when … Continue reading

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Thinkin’ about my daughter~

Oh, how blessed I am to have a wise, honorable, and beautiful daughter. O.K. I have two, but today is Alexandra’s day. I want to celebrate today! It seems like yesterday that my journey as a mom began, and yet, … Continue reading

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Why do Christians get so defensive about God?

“When Christians get so defensive about God they end up not defending God but defending themselves. It is their own honor at stake, their own pride, and security, their reputation—not God’s. When our only motivation for defending God is a … Continue reading

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Catching up on reading

I have a long way to go to catch up on my reading, but I have to start somewhere. Right now I am cleaning out my email inbox and found a little gem by Michael Wear. He’s a great person … Continue reading

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Where some Christians go wrong

“One of the saddest things to happen to Christianity is the infiltration of the Word of Faith Movement. Those that adhere to this “theology” follow the most extreme of heretical doctrines. Word of Faith preachers are commonly seen on TV … Continue reading

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A well-kept secret….

Seriously, NO ONE ever said a word to me about the soulful, wistfulness, and sometimes utter sadness that accompanies the empty nest. When you have a baby, there’s a lot said, and asked, about postpartum depression, but, at least for … Continue reading

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What’s the matter with people? #rhetorical​

Yesterday (likely not yesterday by the time this is read) was a hard day in many ways. Most pointedly was the heartbreak. Someone I have known and trusted for years abandoned their family. It was like a switch was flipped … Continue reading

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How do you control the world?

“How do you control the world? …each tradition or philosophy then offers a different answer. None, as we have seen, manages to deliver us from the cycle of danger, fear, and control that plagues us, and in some cases, religion … Continue reading

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When your #fullemptynest feels eerily empty

Disclaimer: I know very well, regardless how I feel in this moment, my situation pales in comparison to much of the world suffering that is going on today. Not only around the world, but in my microcosm of the world. … Continue reading

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Father of the bride

I’m not going to lie… sometimes he drives me crazy (he doesn’t have far to drive), BUT he always makes me proud to have him in my life. No more so than when our daughter got married a little over … Continue reading

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