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To the future generation… you’re on my mind

I’m no longer outraged by Trump. Rather I’m consistently outraged and disillusioned with all those who continue to overlook, excuse, ignore, and enable all he is doing to undermine our republic. I’ve always been a political moderate, and I have … Continue reading

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Pain & Grief election style

It’s my honor to know 3 young women who have shared transparent and very vulnerable stories this past week. Their stories may be yours, or very similar, or they may not resonate at all.  As humans we need empathy for … Continue reading

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From Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation

It’s deep. He makes you think. I love that he brings in ancient and older Christian thought into his work. We’ve gotten too entrenched in American Christianity, which seems to get further and further from the life of Christ. “every … Continue reading

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when we say God is just ~

I’m reading Outlaw Christian by Jacqueline Bussie, and it is life-giving and authentic. Nothing sugar-coated or cliché. I love that, as so much of westernized Christianity is chock full of cliché, and small god mindedness. Right now, during this political … Continue reading

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seems so obvious

Some things regarding politics and Christianity seem so obvious to me. Such as, hateful and mean rhetoric is not something Jesus espoused, yet it permeates political speech. Or, how does ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ not translate into a generosity … Continue reading

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Refuse fear, choose mercy

By Jeanne Damoff       via Ann Voskamp What she said…^ In a World of Increasing Terrorism, What is the Biggest Threat to the Church? When Jeanne Damoff traveled to Kazakhstan in 2013 to speak at a conference for … Continue reading

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Opinions and thoughtful rhetoric–

I really do try to share thoughtful and thought provoking articles on Facebook, especially when I want to have a record of them for future reference. I do not post them to create a debate or try to change anyone’s mind. … Continue reading

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Are you defined by what you are for? Or what you are against?

This resonates….  “Nothing true about God can be said from a posture of defense.” Cross-shaped love speaks for itself, but does not need to defend itself. The unique claim of the Church is that the worst thing that could happen … Continue reading

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On parenting & rolling the dice :)

A friend recently shared the article 3 Common Traits of Youth Who Don’t Leave the Church – it’s a good article and worth the read, yet I still felt like something fell a teeny tiny bit flat. Clearly there is no perfect … Continue reading

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On sweatshops, stuff, stewardship and starfish*

Just been thinking a lot lately about ‘stuff.’ We clearly have too much of it. I have been on a mission this year to clear out one room a month of unnecessary stuff. My new motto is: if it doesn’t … Continue reading

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