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If God chose Trump

Hey, if one now believes God chose Trump in 2016, then they need to accept that God chose Obama in 2008, and provided Obama with a Congress that voted in the Affordable Care Act and other legislation that helped the … Continue reading

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Dear Adeline,

When I started writing this online diary of public-private thoughts it was just before my first ever surgery and I wanted to leave something in writing for my family, just in case, you know….. Well, I am still here and … Continue reading

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To the future generation… you’re on my mind

I’m no longer outraged by Trump. Rather I’m consistently outraged and disillusioned with all those who continue to overlook, excuse, ignore, and enable all he is doing to undermine our republic. I’ve always been a political moderate, and I have … Continue reading

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Pain & Grief election style

It’s my honor to know 3 young women who have shared transparent and very vulnerable stories this past week. Their stories may be yours, or very similar, or they may not resonate at all.  As humans we need empathy for … Continue reading

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I am with her. I am excited about her. A woman President, finally?! I am not a one issue voter. I will never be. To me this election is a no-brainer because any so called fringe threatening the Democratic Party … Continue reading

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seems so obvious

Some things regarding politics and Christianity seem so obvious to me. Such as, hateful and mean rhetoric is not something Jesus espoused, yet it permeates political speech. Or, how does ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ not translate into a generosity … Continue reading

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Welfare cheaters are… (wait for it, wait for it)

…not the majority.  Often too much time is spent demonizing a program that is literally life to so many people.  It is all too easy to condemn something if you have no personal investment.  Get to know a poor person … Continue reading

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Woman of Valor

Alli, according to Ann. The first one, of many, that came to mind was my beautiful, passionate, all or nothing daughter, Alexandra.  She is now 25, but she came into her own through unbelievable tragedy at age 14.  She has … Continue reading

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Christianity, Politics & an Omnipotent God

It’s no secret that mainstream Christianity is viewed as judgmental, hypocritical, and often Republican.  If you do not know that, then maybe your circle of friends/acquaintances & those who believe differently than you is way too small. This whole idea … Continue reading

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