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Love #RichardRohr

Richard Rohr is someone I have followed for some time. He is one of those who has helped me hang on to my faith. Or more accurately, has helped me understand what is true and lovely. I am grateful. Early … Continue reading

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If God chose Trump

Hey, if one now believes God chose Trump in 2016, then they need to accept that God chose Obama in 2008, and provided Obama with a Congress that voted in the Affordable Care Act and other legislation that helped the … Continue reading

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Dear Adeline,

When I started writing this online diary of public-private thoughts it was just before my first ever surgery and I wanted to leave something in writing for my family, just in case, you know….. Well, I am still here and … Continue reading

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Don’t stand up for Jesus

Jesus is not in need of our defense.  He is not in danger—he has already risen from the dead!  Even before his crucifixion, Jesus refused to defend himself.  He insisted on not standing up for Himself, insisting that God would … Continue reading

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Why do Christians get so defensive about God?

“When Christians get so defensive about God they end up not defending God but defending themselves. It is their own honor at stake, their own pride, and security, their reputation—not God’s. When our only motivation for defending God is a … Continue reading

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Where some Christians go wrong

“One of the saddest things to happen to Christianity is the infiltration of the Word of Faith Movement. Those that adhere to this “theology” follow the most extreme of heretical doctrines. Word of Faith preachers are commonly seen on TV … Continue reading

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How do you control the world?

“How do you control the world? …each tradition or philosophy then offers a different answer. None, as we have seen, manages to deliver us from the cycle of danger, fear, and control that plagues us, and in some cases, religion … Continue reading

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Ahhhhh…. Best. Sermon. Ever. about ‘the end times’

“Anybody can tell it like it is… Prophecy is standing over dry bones and speaking God’s hope & future over them.”  “We build bridges into God’s future.” Building Bridges to the Future My haphazard sermon notes: (but do listen too) … Continue reading

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Think about this…

*God refuses to coerce us by power. But when it comes to beauty? He takes the gloves off. The beauty of God is terribly hard to resist. *These days I assume that most anyone who does not desire to know … Continue reading

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