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Pain & Grief election style

It’s my honor to know 3 young women who have shared transparent and very vulnerable stories this past week. Their stories may be yours, or very similar, or they may not resonate at all.  As humans we need empathy for … Continue reading

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Opinions and thoughtful rhetoric–

I really do try to share thoughtful and thought provoking articles on Facebook, especially when I want to have a record of them for future reference. I do not post them to create a debate or try to change anyone’s mind. … Continue reading

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On unnecessary outrage and fear toward Supreme Court decisions~

This past week so many posts flooded my news feed about recent Supreme Court decisions. Most were fair, balanced, compassionate, and loving, regardless if the author agreed with the Court. Yet, one of many posts by people in ‘Christian’ leadership … Continue reading

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On In Earnest Magazine and ‘cracked pots’

I admire all the girls who contribute to this publication –  In Earnest. It’s an interesting and fun online magazine. Of course, one contributor in particular stands out to me. Check out their Mother’s Day tribute and see if you can … Continue reading

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Rest in your God-breathed worth…

“I want to raise tinies who rest in their God-breathed worth, who walk in the fullness and wholeness that comes from living loved. I don’t care much about the Romans Road or star charts or behaviour modification techniques. I want … Continue reading

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Re: A bowl of fruit…

Our precious pastor, Johnny Kurchina, wears a clerical collar (Paw Paw did as well, from time to time) and really knows his African Anglican ‘stuff.’  He studied theology in England, but most importantly he knows how to keep the main … Continue reading

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Ahhhhh…. Best. Sermon. Ever. about ‘the end times’

“Anybody can tell it like it is… Prophecy is standing over dry bones and speaking God’s hope & future over them.”  “We build bridges into God’s future.” Building Bridges to the Future My haphazard sermon notes: (but do listen too) … Continue reading

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Think about this…

*God refuses to coerce us by power. But when it comes to beauty? He takes the gloves off. The beauty of God is terribly hard to resist. *These days I assume that most anyone who does not desire to know … Continue reading

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Christians & other people’s tragedies

A blogging friend of mine wrote this today Should Christians Weigh in on Other People’s Tragedies?  He makes some great points.  Things I’ve been pondering recently.  More recently since our pastor’s sermon on Sunday and then the terrible tragedy in Boston. … Continue reading

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