On leaving my son (again) in Seattle

I get to see my girls these days a whole lot more than my son. They both live locally. That is to say, they live on the East coast. And, let’s face it, from all my ‘research’ girls in general just call, text and email home a lot more often then boys. So, it has been particularly hard to have my son on the other side of the continent the past 3 years for college. With jet lag it’s difficult to have him come home for long weekends so we have gone out to visit him a few times each year for slightly longer long weekends. We love it! It’s always wonderful to see how he is doing, get him stocked up, meet professors, visit with his friends, take him and often friends out to a nice dinner. Side note: there are so many unique and wonderful restaurants in and around Seattle I don’t think we have ever gone to the same one twice.

I am on the plane headed home now feeling a bit melancholy. It is a tremendous help to see him in his element and that he is happy. Knowing my Mom tears up each time after I visit her I am resigned to the knowledge that things like this never get easier.

This visit was particularly special because we were able to see him perform in a student directed theatre production called The Dining Room. It was brilliant. It showcased little vignettes and nuances related to dining rooms over several decades involving several families. It was sweet, funny and often poignant. Samuel was wonderful. I think that boy has talent.

Saturday we went on a brisk and beautiful mountain hike with Samuel and 2 of his dear friends. Early Sunday morning we took a drive to Snoqualmie Falls and had brunch right next to them at a lovely lodge. Later in the day we toured 2 park areas that Samuel has enjoyed since being at Seattle Pacific; Golden Gardens, along the Puget Sound; and some rather intense locks connecting Lake Union and the sound (no smoking weed there-it’s Federal property). Later that day we ended back at Samuel’s house where a group was gathering for ‘Soup and Sing’ which is a Sunday night tradition among their friends. It was there I met Jack Levison, a SPU Prof/blogger I have enjoyed following. He writes for Huffington Post Religion and has written some wonderful articles.

We’ve had a sweet, fun & relaxing time! Thanks so much Bubba!

(He will be off to Normandy France in 10 days, for 10 days to study French, French culture, and French/WWII history in part to prepare for his study abroad in Morocco this summer.)

Gotta enjoy the sweet time where and when you can grab it!




















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